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Here at the Xchange, we value relationships.  With God and with one another.  Our new location is conducive to allowing the Xchange to build relationship with one another and with our community.  Come and connect with us in an environment of food, fun, worship, a short message and entertainment and build meaningful friendships with people in our community.

The kids are also welcome.  The Kidz Xchange are located in the same building and will be holding a group to teach the kids about Jesus with a short lesson, games and craft each week.

So come check us out in our new building located at 390 West Valley Parkway, Escondido, Level 1, above the One West Bank.  7:30pm, every Friday night.


As Christians in a post-Christian society, our job is to become cultural farmers. Its not our job to fix or change people so they’ll grow.  Our task is to create the right soil, a rich healthy environment, in which people can grow up in faith until the invisible God is made visible through his Body, the church. This Sunday is our last Sunday at our current location so join us as Pastor Paul Hatten shares the Vision for The XChange Church in Escondido.  Listen to our latest message on the messages page…


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The Power Of A Story

Where does your story fit in the universe?  Does my life really count? We’re all trying to figure out the story line – and if there’s a God, where does my story fit with His story?
Join us this Pre-Christmas Sunday as we discover the power behind the greatest story ever told and what happens when that story intercept’s yours?


A Purposeful Christian Life

A PURPOSEFUL CHRISTIAN LIFE Do you know what it is to live purposefully? Is there an urgent sense of mission or some compelling thrust within you which makes life add up to the sheer adventure that God always intended life to be? Or are you simply engaged in the struggle for existence and survival? Worse still, have you been caught up into the rat race of competitive existence? Haunted by the fear of being overtaken by others at the next bend in the road? Breathlessly trying to keep up with events that travel faster than your capacity to cope with them? If so, there is good news awaiting you, good news about a treasury of purpose and truth and wisdom to be found in the person of Christ, for living purposefully means trading our poverty for Christ’s wealth … our weakness for Christ’s strength. We exchange the bankruptcy of the fallen Adam for all the fullness of the Life of Christ, and we discover the sheer adventure of allowing Jesus Christ to be God in our own experience, for God He is! That is why detaching your Christianity from Christ is to reduce it to the impotence of a dead religion, impersonal to Him and impersonal to you, just an intellectual exercise or a sentimental formula— and Christianity is neither.

Thomas, Ian Major (2008-12-30). The Indwelling Life of Christ: All of Him in All of Me (p. 9). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

NEW MESSAGE SERIES from December 7th, 2014 to January 4th, 2015

Who’s Got The Power?
Who's Got the Power slide
Who’s got the power? Why, in a world that was created to be so beautiful, is there so much chaos – that we seem so powerless to change. Is God powerless? Or is the absence of God’s power in your life just proof there is no God? Join us as we discover the fathomless power of God’s expression of hope for humanity.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving PictureThanksgiving Pic 2

the Xchange celebrated Thanksgiving this past Sunday by holding our Xchange Unplugged service out in the portico.  We shared a fabulous thanksgiving meal, some music from some of our fabulous worship team and the word in a more intimate, family setting. People came from the surrounding area to enjoy our time together.

Pastor Andy Jones used an analogy based on rock climbing and how when you are rock climbing you need to trust the person you are climbing with because they are responsible for your safety as you climb.

In the same way, Jesus promises us that he is responsible for taking care of us.  As we choose to believe that he’s got us and our best interests at heart, and take him at his word, we will notice that a peace that surpasses understanding, despite the storms of life raging all around us, will begin to infiltrate our hearts.

He loves us guys…he always has, and he always will!